ITC == Introduction To Cryptography

Some …

ITC == Introduction To Cryptography

Some notes about the Homework #2

1. Generator

(a) Generator

(b) Diffie-Hellman Key Exange Protocol

  • allows two parties to agree a secret key over an insecure channel without having met before.
  • Its security is based on the discrete logarithm problem in a finite abelian group G.
    Diffie-Hellman 1
    Diffie-Hellman 2

(c) Man-in-the-Middle attack


(d) ElGamal cryptosystem

ElGamal 1
ElGamal 2
ElGamal 3
ElGamal 4
ElGamal 5

Modular multiplicative inverse

Modular multiplicative inverse

2. Euler’s Theorem is the extension of Fermat’s Theorem.

(a) Euler’s totient function

Euler’s totient function 1
Euler’s totient function 2
Euler’s totient function 3

(b) Euler’s Theorem

Euler’s Theorem

(c) the last 3 digits of 8^803

the last 3 digits of 8^803

8^{803}  \mod 1000 \equiv 8 \times 64^{400+1} \mod 1000 \equiv 8 \times 64 \equiv 512  


multiplicative inverse

multiplicative inverse 1
multiplicative inverse 2
multiplicative inverse 3

finite field

finite field 1
finite field 2
finite field 3
finite field 4
finite field 5

4. RSA

p, q, e, n, d

use Extended Euclidean algorithm

5. system of equations

Still don't get it...



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